New single from Chris Kenna - "I can take anybody down" 

Hello! After many months of silence, we are excited to be able to share a new release with you: "I can take anybody down", a rocking new single from Chris Kenna, celebrating Aussie F1 driver, Daniel Ricciardo, who won the Italian Grand Prix last weekend. 

Below, you will find a link to the excellent video clip, put together by former F1-journalist Brad Spurgeon. 

The single was released on all digital outlets yesterday, so if you like streaming or downloading, you'll find the links below. 

And if you're interested in the story behind the song, keep reading... 

Chris Kenna's new single "I can take anybody down" is a celebration of Aussie F1 driver, Daniel Ricciardo. Enormous thanks to Brad Spurgeon for the awesome clip! 

The story behind the song 

About six months ago, Chris had a call from his mate Mickey Lockett, in Singapore. Mickey is a jockey, but his passion for racing extends beyond racehorses - he's a fan of Formula 1, and he was calling Chris to tell him he should write a song for the Aussie F1 driver, Daniel Ricciardo. As it happened, Chris had already been working on a new song about the passion and commitment shown by sports stars, but didn't yet have all the lyrics; there were references to drivers, cricketers, football players... Mickey's phone call served as a lightning rod: the focus was now on just one sports star - Daniel Ricciardo. 

Over the next couple of weeks, we wrote and re-wrote the lyrics several times, and recorded everything in my farmhouse studio in the country: Chris on guitars, bass and vocals; me adding drums (with the help of my virtual friend, Max :) ), backing vocals, a horn arrangement, and some simulated "team radio" commentary. 

The song was in the box in the first week of May. Then it was just a matter of waiting for Ricciardo to win a race...! That happened, finally, last Sunday, the 12th September. I was in Paris at the time, watching the race (very unlike me...) with Chris's son - as soon as Ricciardo crossed the line in first place, I realised we had to get the song out asap; and that somehow, I needed to put together a video clip in record time, without actually having access to any photos or video footage. What to do? 

I thought immediately of our friend Brad Spurgeon, who we knew (only a little) from Paris. Brad had previously been an F1 journalist for the NYT, so I wondered whether he might have a few photos he wouldn't mind me using. To my enormous surprise (and substantial relief!), after hearing the song, Brad offered to put the video together for us. He has friends in high places - first of all, he was granted permission by noted F1 photographer, Bernard Asset, to choose what photos he wanted from his catalog; and then he managed to get authorisation from the McLaren team to use any of their media materials, both photo and video. The result speaks for itself - it's a great video clip! 

We are indebted to Brad for the huge amount of time and effort he put into this project, at zero notice, just for the pleasure of doing it. Brad has documented the crazy, all-consuming 72 hours in this blog article about the "making of" the clip, which is well worth a read. 

So there you have it: big thanks to Mickey Lockett for having the idea, Bernard Asset and Team McLaren for the use of photos, and Brad Spurgeon for a superhuman effort in making the video. Now all we need is people like you to watch it and click "Like"! :) 

Streaming / digital download 

The song is available on all digital platforms - here are a few links to get you started: 

Apple Music 

new single: fast cars and driving rock

We are really excited to announce the release of a new Chris Kenna single, "I can take anybody down" - a tribute to Daniel Ricciardo, in celebration of his win at Monza on the weekend! 

We are indebted to the amazing Brad Spurgeon for the brilliant video clip - check it out below. 

The single is available for download here , and will be out on Spotify and all other digital outlets by the end of the week.

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