Live videos from our living room

Throughout the lockdown we've been doing concerts from our living room each week. Currently we're going out live twice every Wednesday - at 13h and 21h Paris time - see below for some example time conversions around the world.  

To tune in, just visit our Facebook page,, at the start time of the concert (see below for details) and wait for the live video to appear.  (You don't need to have a Facebook account!! If you see a pop-up message asking you to sign up for Facebook, just close it - it will go away and you can watch the video!)

Lunchtime concert : Wednesdays at 13h

Start at 13h Paris time (UTC+2) 
= UK/Ireland: 12pm  
= Finland: 14h 
= Sydney/Melbourne: 9pm 
= Perth/Malaysia: 7pm
= Brasilia: 8am  
= New York: 7am 

Evening concert : Wednesdays at 21h 

Start at 21h Paris time (UTC+2)  
= UK/Ireland: 8pm   
= Finland: 22h 
= Los Angeles: 12pm  
= Chicago: 2pm 
= New York: 3pm 
= Brazil: 16h

This is our tip jar...

We, like you, are doing our best in these strange times. If you, like us, are struggling, then please just enjoy our concerts, and if you leave a little happier than you arrived, we are delighted! But for those of you who have a little extra and would like to help us out - here is where you can leave a tip. We salute you and we thank you.

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