1. Pull Together

From the recording Shipwrecked

Music – Melissa Cox and Chris Kenna
Lyrics – Melissa Cox


I found you treading water,
Clinging to a piece of 4 by 2;
Heading nowhere -
And your lips were turning blue.
A hundred days in a haze of salty air
and burning sun
Had driven you crazy,
You’d given your all but you were done.

You said I saved you,
But I was drifting without you -
You and your 4 by 2
Baby came along and saved me too,
‘Cause it’s hard to get to shore
in a dinghy with one oar.

You were going in circles -
Always pulling to the right.
Lost your bearings
When the land slipped out of sight,
Reading seaweed like tea leaves
hoping they’d tell you what to do,
When all you needed
Was my piece of 4 by 2.

Baby now that you’re on board,
Instead of going with the flow
Stick your oar in
And choose which way to go,
‘Cause it’s hard to get to shore
In a dinghy with one oar,
Our hopes are better
When we pull together.
Pull together.