1. Someone new

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Someone new

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So now it’s someone new.
I guess it’s time
to gather up what’s mine and clear the rest away.
I know it’s overdue;
the band has gone
and still I’ve lingered on
wanting them to play another song of another day.
But now, why would I stay?

He’s gone –
the man I lost myself to find.
He’s gone –
he’s just a shadow in my mind.
He’s gone –
behind your eyes is someone I don’t recognise and when I’m looking now at you
I’m seeing someone new.

I had forever in my eyes.
It’s funny now –
funny how we lead ourselves astray. There’s truth and there are lies,
and in between
is what we really mean and never say. I chose to love,
love chose to leave.
and now
what do I choose to believe?

He’s gone...