1. I know

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I know

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I know you’re givin’ me more than I’m givin’ you,
Yeah I know you say you’re givin’ everything away,
I know you’re giving out, I know you’re running low,
I know you’re waiting for your recompense to flow,
I know you’re wanting me to say I’m wanting you.

Yesterday you were circumspect,
thought you had something to protect, Then it was me who wanted more
and you were the one who wasn’t sure. Well you think you’ve changed your mind But I think you’re gonna find
That it’s all a little late
And passion doesn’t wait
When it’s dying, you’re dying.

I know you think of me more than I think of you,
Yeah I know you say you’re thinking of me every day,
I know you think, you think this thing is meant to be,
Yeah I know you think we’ll be together, you and me,
I know you’re thinking that I’m thinking about you.

So now you’re in and I want out,
You wonder what that shit’s all about:
Have you been taken for a ride?
You wanna know why I would have lied.
But you know no one decides
To cultivate emptiness inside,
To dim the light behind their eyes,
To wake up one day and realise
That you’re dying, you’re dying.