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White line fever

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Hauling another load
You done so many nights on this lonely road
You just talking to another stranger on the radio

All their voices just sound the same
So many years playing the same old game
Just doing what they wanna do—so are you,
and that's okay.

Long cold nights she spends on her own,
Lyin' there waiting for her man to come home.
She's praying for him out there somewhere on that long empty road.

Looks at his picture on the bedside table,
Wipes the tears from her eyes.
She hopes her man don't give that dealer a chance
to take him by surprise.

White line fever, death is a dealer;
When he makes his move
don't give him a chance to deceive ya.
White line fever, death is a dealer;
Don't close your eyes, give him a chance to steal ya.