From the recording One night in Paris

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How did we end up here?

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Pretty young thing walking down the street
Looking for a table at a place to eat
You turn around and take another peek
over your shoulder.

Worn out streets in this worn out town
like the worn out shoes on a worn out clown
Finally work out what's going down
as you get older.

All those people talking loud they got nothing to say,
They're going nowhere.
All those promises made on this passing parade;
how did we end up here?

There's an old dog sitting in an old cafe
the same old thing he does every day,
every now and then he's got something to say
to a stranger.

No love lost on this dirty street,
just a broken heart with a broken beat.
It's a dirty old road
that's full of danger.

All those people...

The boys ride past on their motor bike
They're making so much noise on a cold dark night
You can hear them riding in and out of sight
into the silence,