From the recording One night in Paris

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I told the judge the truth

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Well they locked me up in Auckland
for some stupid fucking crime.
Took my photograph and fingerprints
and they made me walk the line.
I was the only white man in a prison cell
full of black warriors from hell
and their boss sat in the corner
we caught eyes from time to time.

Well I had been inside before
but it was nothing quite like this -
they jailed me once in Queensland
just for drinking too much piss.
But this time it seemed just like a dream
as if I was not really there,
and those coppers did not like me
cause I did not even care.

Well I told the judge the truth;
he did not believe a word I said,
so he fined me for my breakfast
and he fined me for my bed.

Well some woman I had never seen before
she stood up and called my name.
She said "Judge, this man is innocent,
won't you let him come home with me."
All those lawyers in the front row
they laughed among themselves;
Well I wished to Christ I had a gun,
I would have blown them all away.

Well I told the judge...