1. The cowboy

From the recording One night in Paris

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The cowboy

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My mama was a prostitute
she worked on Fitzroy St
I stood watch on the corner in my youth.
She named me Johnny Harris,
but the boys all called me "Cowboy",
the real name of my dad I never knew.

I was born in a brothel with no need for a doctor
No christening or paperwork for me
Never learned to read or write
but I sure as hell knew how to fight
And I could go for days without a feed.

Give me a twenty-one gun salute
Throw my ashes in the pool
And sing the "Sea of Heartbreak" as I go.

Well my mother died when I was a lad
She was the only family that I ever had
She did the best she could to make me strong
But I fell into a life of crime
and trouble with two friends of mine
We stood side by side when things went wrong.

One day in a battle
I got cut up with a bottle
I lay dying in the arms of Chopper Read
I rode off into the sunset
with a smile on my face
Thinking two good friends is all you ever need.
Yes, two good friends is all you ever need.

Give me a twenty-gun salute...