1. Big old house

From the recording One night in Paris

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Big old house

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This big old house is as empty as a dried-up well
But each room's got a story that she can tell
Well I see your face, I hear your name
You're dancing like a naked flame
But the burnt-out stones in your fireplace are cold.

I go walking through your body like a dream
I see everything the way it used to be
It's all over now that you have gone
There's nothing but an empty home
And a lifetime full of faded memories.

Broken windows and dust on the shelf
are just tiny little pieces of myself
You're better off now to turn and walk away.

Now the roses in your garden are all gone
And the mailbox is standing all alone.
There's no letters now, or telephone calls,
No laughter in between these walls.
This big old house is sleeping all alone.
Yes this big old house is sleeping all alone.