1. Will she ever

From the recording Long way home

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Will she ever

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Drive to Adelaide in the pouring rain,
it's good to see those lights again.
You sit up all night long
in a motel room with a view.
On your way to never-never land
just to touch that desert sand,
and no one knows the reason why you do.

You broke anchor in the night -
slipped away without a fight.
You never know how far you'll go without her.
Throw your wedding ring in the rubbish bin,
pack your bags and walk away.
Will she ever learn?

Make your way from Hargreave Street
To the Icebergs for a treat,
you watch the riders carving up the waves on loan.
Neon sign red and blue,
from the Junction on the New -
it's the road I used to take to get back home.

You broke anchor...

Will she ever learn?
You can never return.