1. Long way home

From the recording Long way home

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Long way home

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eople are standing
all over the hill;
dark clouds are forming,
but the rain stood still.
I watched you from across the river,
I was sitting underneath a tree.
I didn't want to go over,
it was close enough for me.

They bury your body in a hole,
pray to God for your soul.
You've got a long way to go.

She brings you flowers in the morning,
lays them down by your grave;
go to the church in the evening,
Lord your soul to save.
You've got a long way,
long way to get back home.

Water keeps rising,
the darkness sets in.
When this day is over
we're all gonna pay for our sins.
You've got a long way to get back home.

Ain't no one gonna help you -
you've just got to walk it
all alone.